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Welcome to our website. Ours because while I write these words, you are reading them. Life is a perpetual journey of intertwining souls and we are all doing the best we can to live it the best we know. But somehow deep down, our best still doesn’t feel good enough something is lacking…

As you can see, this site is still a seedling. It has sprouted and wilted several times along the way, as is the nature of things. This time it sprouts in a space of light and time with no other agenda except to exist in the world and to share the knowledge, wisdom and ideas here with you.

I’ve spent my life looking for the one life purpose I was born for. That one career that would have me living happy ever after and, in the process, I’ve discovered that ‘Making it,’ whatever that looks like for you, evaporates upon arrival like a mirage in the desert.

Whatever it is: a lottery win, successful business, getting married… the joy from the achievement is fleeting and the dream and soon condenses back into the same sense of reality you started with.

If there is a remedy for achieving a fulfilling life, reaching a goal isn’t it, because when you reach that goal, you need another to fill the hole.

Life isn’t about chasing endless goals or lurching from one task to the next on an endless ‘to-do’ list in order to avoid discomfort until death.

No, the answer to life is personal and it’s buried somewhere within you. It may take only take one paragraph or even one sentence to help dig it out and maybe something in this website will have the honour of being that shovel.

Anyhow, I hope you stay for a while and read some of the posts. and why not sign up in the sidebar for the free newsletter. Who knows what may come of it?